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Free SEO Audit Tool

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How the FREE SEO Analysis works

Type in your website's address in the space above and within minutes see how SEO-friendly it is. Our FREE SEO Audit Analysis takes no time at all and, best of all, you can keep the results. This means you have the right tools to begin optimizing your page for the best results possible. Check your website’s overall SEO health and get a detailed report E-mailed directly to you identifying any issues we find.

What the FREE SEO Audit tool measures

The free SEO Audit tool is a snapshot of your page’s SEO overall health. Within minutes, it generates key information for you to start optimizing your website. Your free SEO Audit will show:

  • Overall SEO Score shown as a percentage

  • Number of pages crawled

  • Number of Errors found

  • Number of Warnings found

  • Number of Notices found

  • An outline of your Top 3 issues discovered 

These are the basic metrics that will help you understand how well your site is performing and what areas in particular that you need to target. The best part of all there is absolutely no obligation and the report is free for you to keep.


If you want results like the image to the right, the top spot on Google for your company keywords. Your first step is to use our FREE SEO Website Audit Tool. You can start enjoying more meaningful organic traffic to your website and higher conversions. Increasing value to your customers. 

Free SEO Audit Tool results in SERPs
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