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Rochester Minnesota. A place creating unique opportunities for everyone 

A unique city located in the southeastern portion of Minnesota. Rochester has over 110,000 people currently making up its population (as of 2018). Bolstering three public high schools and one private high school: Rochester John Marshall, Rochester Century, Rochester Mayo and Rochester Lourdes. In addition to the four high schools. Mayo School of Health Sciences, University of Minnesota – Rochester, Winona State University – Rochester, and Rochester Community Technical College. All call Rochester home. It’s obvious that the city makes education a priority. What’s interesting is the average median age is 35.4 years old with a median household income of $65,195. Rochester’s economy employs over 60,000 people. Specializing in Healthcare & Social assistance, Retail, and Information industries.

Rochester, MN economic stats.

So, what you have is a growing community in the southeastern portion of Minnesota. That consists of young, educated individuals. Who earn on average more than the national average for household median income. That is involved potentially within the healthcare & social assistance industry. This is figured based on Mayo Clinic Rochester staggering employment - roughly 35,000 people, in turn, is roughly 1/3 of the Rochester population and the image below showing the breakdowns. You can see the Mayo Clinic and other major employers with the number of employees that are based in Rochester, MN below. To me, that sounds like an excellent place to call home and more importantly a city of opportunity!

Rochester, MN Top 6 Major Employers
Data USA - Tree Map of Employment in Rochester, MN.

Looking a little more in depth. You can see one of the most prevalent economical advantages Rochester has is the Mayo Clinic is located in the heart of the city. Making Rochester, MN and the Mayo Clinic synonymous with one another in many regards. Let’s face it – any native from the Rochester area when out exploring the world. Mentions where they are from, it is fairly common to hear the following related responses, “Isn’t that where the Mayo Clinic is?” “Oh yeah, I had an uncle go their for cancer treatment” and so on. What’s notable is the current economic impact of more than $9.6 billion dollars the clinic already currently generates and the potential revenue the Mayo Clinic brings to the Rochester area in terms of continued economic growth. This year over 1.3 million people from all 50 states and 136 countries visited Rochester Minnesota to receive care from Mayo. If you think about it in terms of commerce being potentially generated, concentrated in one geographical location from an outside populous – foot traffic passing by. There is potential for significant economic gain. Including current businesses already residing in the Rochester area. Specifically, construction and hospitality companies. Entrepreneurs and start-ups have perhaps the most lucrative opportunities to create a business with such an influx of potential customers, resources, and funding. Not to mention attracting some of the most brilliant minds within the healthcare industry from across the globe.

Rochester, MN home to Mayo Clinic & Destination Medical Center (DMC)

Rochester Minnesota Skyline view during the day.

Interestingly enough this notion is currently being put into practice one way or another. Through the Destination Medical Center (DMC) initiative. The DMC initiative has been a project sought after for quite some time – at least from what I can remember. Destination Medical Center, in a nutshell, is a large economic and infrastructure development program involving the Mayo Clinic, City of Rochester and the State of Minnesota. With the intentions of bringing the Mayo “brand” of healthcare and treatment to the world stage. While developing the city of Rochester across all reasonable metrics. Over the course of a couple of decades. According to the DMC website (the official website of DMC).


“Destination Medical Center (DMC) is a unique 20-year economic development initiative. The $5.6 billion dollar plan is the largest in Minnesota’s history. With the expansion of Mayo Clinic and DMC growth, Rochester is a global destination for and wellness and so much more.”


Undoubtedly, this has something to do with why I suggested, Rochester, MN is a unique place – in a great way! In comparison to the rest of the United States. Rochester has a booming economy, continued growth in housing and housing value. Deep routes into education and healthcare. A diverse workforce along with a diversity of industries. Its population on average is younger and educated – meaning younger families are beginning to settle in and grow with the city. While contributing to an ever-growing community of healthcare professionals, technology professionals and brilliant minds from across the globe. Not to mention the current economic growth Rochester has enjoyed will be infused for decades to come due to the Destination Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic. Creating even more opportunity for professional growth and personal freedom.


“Rochester, Minnesota is its own special place. It spawned the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, home to those leading the way in life science discoveries and health care innovations. It’s the place people go to get better. Where developers are building an epicenter fueled by economic boom and dramatic growth. Where entrepreneurs come to find their place and discover the next big thing. The Destination Medical Center (DMC) initiative puts you in the middle of it all.”


The Destination Medical Center website explains Rochester’s undeniable beauty and almost inconceivable growth potential perfectly.

It would be interesting to know if the City of Rochester and the DMC planning committees. Looked into integrating specific technologies within the infrastructure of the downtown Rochester area. Essentially, paving the way for Rochester to be a "smart city". Integrating cutting-edge technology into the Destination Medical Center city design. Attempting to achieve new global standards of sustainability, affordability, mobility and economic opportunity. Sidewalk Labs is a great example of this new way of thinking. I believe the City of Rochester and then DMC could benefit immensely with Sidewalk Labs. With hopes of integrating what Sidewalk Labs has to offer within the scope of the DMC initiative. More or less - could you imagine Google and Sidewalk Labs parent company Alphabet teaming up with the Mayo Clinic within the scope of the Destination Medical Center initiative?


Alphabet is the parent company to Google. One can imagine the opportunity for cutting-edge technologies, data, and support. That is available within Sidewalk Labs. To learn more about Sidewalk Labs and how their development of Smart Cities is coming along. Visit their website at, Sidewalk Labs.

Rochester Minnesota, a City of Opportunity

From my own personal experience in watching Rochester evolve and the DMC implementing its vision over the past few years. I can tell you it is certainly happening right before your eyes. The growth of business and construction going on downtown over the past 24 months is absolutely astonishing. The amount of new businesses building and establishing their respective footprints in Rochester has increased dramatically. For me, it is almost nostalgic to be able to recognize the current growth of our community and more importantly recognize the direction and path we are headed. Of course, there are a lot of variables in a project of this size and magnitude. However, all the signs are there. Pointing to an even more unique city located in the Southeastern portion of Minnesota. Providing an unparalleled opportunity for autonomy, growth, and gain for both business and personal satisfaction.


Having an opportunity is one thing. Doing something with that opportunity is something completely different. There is not a doubt in my mind. If you are driven and extremely passionate. Rochester could be extremely rewarding for those that take advantage of the opportunities that are currently available. Put in the time and work at it and keep working at it. Then, I, believe the opportunity for success is within reach.



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